Is lucid dreaming addictive?

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The power of lucid dreaming is in the mental training it can provide to enable you to achieve power in waking life. After having trained to the point of being able to induce lucid dreams at will, a person may find it hard to resist the attraction of controlling their dreams just for fun. For them it may become a kind of safe drug or a sort of virtual reality system they can turn on and off at will. Some researches have cautioned that people with a tendency toward obsessive behavior may begin to overly indulge in lucid dreaming. It is easy to understand why, because lucid dreams are as vivid and realistic and real life experiences yet they are under the skilled dreamer’s control so they are able to experience fantastic things that they would unlikely experience in waking life. Lucid dreaming can become an escape from waking life and in that sense it can become a negative influence.

If you have trained yourself for lucid dreaming and reached the stage where you can induce them at will you may want to observe yourself some some signs of this addiction. If you find that you are spending more time asleep than actually needed, or that you are thinking more about lucid dreams than your real waking life then you may be falling into an addictive behavior.  However, much as with other behaviors, a stronger indication is if other parts of your life begin to suffer. If so then you should focus more on constructive use of lucid dreaming and less time spent manipulating your dreams for entertainment only.

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