Overcoming fear of flying with lucid dreams

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Some surprising results come from the ability to experience lucid dreams. One person tells his story of how he overcame his fear of flying as the result of experiencing lucid dreams.

As a child I had a recurring theme in many dreams. It was a feeling of weightlessness, usually as a result of falling from a high place in the dreams. It was always frightening and I thought naturally so because, after all, falling from a high place is dangerous and frightening.

As an adult I started to travel for business and that involved flying. My first time boarding an aircraft I gave little thought to what the experience would be like. But during descent and landing there are moments of slight weightlessness and I had a pretty bad reaction, near panic. Future trips became a harrowing experience knowing that I would have that same falling sensation near the end of each flight, or maybe even during the flight if there were sudden changes in altitude. Of course I knew it was irrational but that never seems to make a difference when a person has a phobia of some kind.

I didn’t seek help for this although it was pretty distressing. But I did start to connect my dream experiences as a child with this fear of that falling sensation. I don’t recall any specific event in real life as a child that would have given rise to those bad dreams. Maybe it was just a scene in a movie or TV show; I don’t know. Since it was causing me so much stress in my adult life it naturally was on my mind a lot. And apparently that led to a lucid dreaming experience in which for the first time I realized I was dreaming when I was having one of those falling nightmares. It was still frightening but because I was lucid I was able to stay with it by acknowledging it was only a bad dream.

Knowing nothing about lucid dreaming I didn’t think much about that first experience except that it was quite odd. And not having any training or technique for inducing lucid dreams I was unable to reproduce it again. The experience did, however, occur now and then and I found I became more and more comfortable with the sensation of falling in my dreams. And without realizing it at first I was becoming less stressed about the falling sensation during flying.

If I had had a technique for lucid dream induction and had known the benefits sooner I could have saved myself a great deal of suffering during my first years of business travel.

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